Tuesday, July 3, 2007

ACT test scores for MLC

Our LES system is proud of test scores and publishes summaries of nation-wide Achievement Tests (Terra Nova Fall Testing). However, to my knowledge, our high school system (LPS, MLS, ALHS) is silent on test results (ACT, SAT). Why?

Likewise, PSSC-2 did not compare test scores (ACT or SAT) of MLC accession programs (LPS, MLS, ALHS, public). Why not? Don't test scores assess caliber of incoming students?

Minimum ACT for admission to MLC is 20, and minimum for WLC is 21. National average ACT score for 2006 was 21. Why does our ministerial training school have lower standard?

According to www.stateuniversity.com MLC had 214 applicants, accepted 207 (97%), and enrolled 149. (Year not stated.)
According to www.petersons.com MLC had 235 applicants, accepted 230 (98%), and enrolled 166. (Year not stated.)
Why does MLC have a high acceptance rate (97%, 98%)?

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