Monday, September 17, 2007

Are there "ring-knockers" in WELS?

This discussion thread ties to poll at right by same name.

Are there "ring-knockers" in WELS?

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Rob said...

In my first career about a third of management graduated from the same college. Graduates of this college wore over-sized class rings, and to stand out they wore their class rings on the hand opposite from most college graduates, on the same finger as wedding rings. In a meeting if they wanted to assert their authority over graduates of other colleges, they tapped their class rings lightly on the table in front of them. Thus, their nickname, "ring-knockers."

Although their college was established in 1845 their college did not gain universal acceptance as an accredited institution until the 1970s. Graduates of this college were no better or worse professionally than the rest of us. Occasionally a ring-knocker in upper management would manipulate the hiring process to yield middle managers in his division who were 100% "ring-knockers". Once again, his division was no better or worse than other divisions filled with graduates of MIT, Georgia Tech, Texas A&M, and Berkeley, although worker-bees dreaded the thought of working in a division that was 100% ring-knocker because of the way ring-knockers treated subordinates.